Soldier come, soldier go: Death to the camo trend

The camo trend was huge last year, after making a comeback from 2013, with celebrities like the Kardashians and Rihanna rocking the trend. And even here where the soldiers take it quite personal when you are donned in their precious camo, the trend still managed to pick up some heat. Here are some of our favourite looks from the trend.



But its 2016 and as the popular saying goes, soldier come, soldier go and so it’s time for the trend to die even though some die hards are still clinging on to it. The camo trend is probably never going to be as big as it was the year before when madam Donatella killed it (as usual) at the Versace Spring 2016 show with a couple of epic camo pieces. We are more than ready to move on from the trend.

It's kind of hard to hate on this though
It’s kind of hard to hate on this though.

The camo trend was one of those unconventional trends, like the nautical trend, where designers basically took conventional uniforms and turned them into a style trend. Instead of sticking with the camo trend this year (which is really not safe for you), you can go for military inspired fashion that doesn’t involve camouflaged clothing with styles like utility jackets, khaki trousers and double breasted blazers.

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