Are those squats really giving you a fatter ass?

Apart from an outright -surgical- butt lift, the only other thing that can supposedly give you a bigger ass is squats. But do they really work? Some of us embarked on this monthly squat challenge graph, when it first became popular, but how many people can testify to its actually making a difference in the size of their butts?

Some people have complained about squatting for months on end and not seeing any real difference. And we have to admit, that there is nothing more painful than having to do about a hundred squats on a daily for months and still retain a booty like Tailor Swift’s.

The truth is that squats do help you get a bigger butt, but the question is are you doing them properly? First of all stop squatting every single day. Your muscles need a break in between your workout plan and squatting everyday won’t help with that.

You also need to eat more, especially proteins. Squats basically aid muscle growth in your butt region, but healthy muscle growth is also largely based on what you eat, and proteins aid it. If you are not eating properly, and are losing weight then squats are bound to make your ass even smaller.  Another problem is that, you might not be doing them correctly. It’s not frog jump, your feet should be shoulder width apart with your back straight. Your squats should look like this.
giphy (7)

As often as possible try and do weighted squats. You don’t have to go over the top with the weights, you are not trying to start body building, you just want a bigger ass. Lunges also help but most of your body goals inspiration with the fat asses -like J.Lo- just got lucky in the gene pool. So if you have a small ass, embrace it as least you have a great personality, right?


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