5 same items of clothing you really need to stop wearing

We all have “the 5”, you know those 5 things you wear over and over again, until your friends get rid of it for you. If you haven’t realized it yet, let us enlighten you.

There are.

  1. Those jeans that hug your ass just perfectly. You are telling yourself they are just jeans and no one notices that you rock them every week, but the jeans are tired of you. Plus pretty soon you are going to condemn them, they’ll go from your favourite jeans to the jeans you only wear to make your hair. Give them a rest. I know finding perfectly fitting jeans is hard but manage your other ones as you continue your hunt.
  2. That black bra. Aunty buy more now, is it because it is black? Your under-wire will be fighting for freedom soon and you’ll be stuck with a bra that keeps stabbing you in the heart. You should have at least 3 well fitted plain black bras. We were them so often, under our sheer tops, tight t-shirts and so on.
  3. The over-sized t-shirt you acquired from your last boyfriend, ( or was it the one before that), that is now a different colour from what it used to be and has holes that you convince yourself are not that obvious. We know it’s just market you are wearing it to, but really stop wearing it anywhere.
    Admit it, it looks like this.
    Admit it, it looks like this.
  4. Those slippers you are determined to accompany you everywhere until something starts eating at the sole. Give them a break and get another pair or two. You keep telling yourself you don’t wear slippers regularly, but it will surprise you how many times in a month you wore them, if you kept a tally.
  5. That handbag that happens to be the only one you carry to work or school because it is the only one large enough to haul your load around. How do you have so many purses you use rather occasionally, but only one work bag?
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