Style experiences only those with an older sister can relate to

Growing up with an older sister is all sorts of fun, but growing up with an older sister who was also a fashion lover, means you can probably relate with these beauty experiences.

  1. This was you at all your school parties, after your sister had hooked you up with her best clothes
    Image result wey dey for blackish gifs
  2. Your sister using you as a life size barbie anytime she wanted to try a look out on someone.
  3. You stopped wearing ‘Aunty give me cake’ way before all your friends.
  4. You always had to wait for your sister to get dressed, then dress you up whenever the whole family had to go out.
    Image result wey dey for girl waiting gif
  5. As far as you were concerned she was Anna Wintour and could never make a bad style choice.
    Image result wey dey for anna wintour gif
  6. Telling your mum to only buy clothes that were similar to your sister’s.
  7. You giving your friends in school style tips passed down to you from my sister.
    Image result wey dey for group of girls talking gif
  8. When you finally grew into all of your favorite clothes of hers.
    Image result wey dey for girl dancing gif
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