Tailored sweat pants have become a thing, here are some tricks to wearing them

One of the biggest menswear trends of 2014 were tailored sweat pants, part of the new wave of a mixture of athletic and leisure wear that has since been termed athleisure. In the following months, more and more labels started to make tailored sweat pants, which took the ordinary baggy sweat pants and streamlined them until they were just a rung below formal dress pants.

As the entertainment industry embraced the trend, took it up and made it mainstream, we’ve seen Nigerian athleisure brands like Sanusi Lagos (available at fashion retailer Zazaii) and 24 apparel (available at fashion retailer MeiDei) give us their interpretations of the trend.

As the trend moves from dance floors and music videos to evening parties and office runs, growing more formal as the fit gets tighter and the material gets more luxe, it might be time for us to take some lessons on how to properly wear the trend without looking like you’re wearing leggings or worse.


The guys over at GQ.com had a small sit down with designer John Elliot, who dished on all the tips and tricks to rock the tailored sweatpant trend. They cover the ‘stack’, underwear concerns and the all consuming worry about having weird crotch syndrome.

Check it out below, quick and easy.

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