Temptalia is the key to buying foundation online

Shopping online is addictive, nothing beats sitting in the comfort of your home and ordering everything you want or need, to be delivered at your doorstep, without having to wait in checkout lines or interact with any overbearing sales girls. But when it comes to makeup, it’s not quite as straightforward, your shade might vary from product to product, so buying a new brand in your usual shade might turn out to be not quite right for you. Beauty site, Temptalia helps with that.

Temptalia, helps you find a match in several brands of concealer, powder and foundation by using an existing shade, you already know works just fine for you.

So you put in the shade of whatever product you already use and the site pops out a list of the closest matches in other brands you could find. If you are new to makeup, and have no idea what shade you use in any brand, the site has an option to help you figure that out from scratch, using your skin tone and primary undertone.

The site also has an incredible dupe list of high end products, and side by side comparisons of product swatches to help you decide what exactly you want, when shopping online.  There is a whole bunch of beauty tips, tutorials and reviews included, in summary this site is the answer to all your beauty problems when shopping for makeup online.

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