Tesslo Concepts debuts the ‘FLOTUS’ collection and gets us in our feels

For Ladies Of Trendy Unconventional Style, or FLOTUS, is the newest collection from Nigerian fashion label Tesslo Concepts. The label first got our attention with a menswear collection released earlier in the year. ‘Lagos Island’ received most of its buzz because of high profile model Ohimai Amaize, former special assistant to the previous government and husband of Tessy Amaize, the creative director of the brand. We reviewed it here and had words about it’s haphazard collation of discordant styles.

The new collection, partly inspired by the excellent sartorial choices of Michelle Obama, First Lady Of United States, tries to capture the demure, lady-like glamour of FLOTUS, decking her damask coat dresses and midi-dresses, and gets away with showing as minimal skin as possible.

There are definitive style nods to the 50’s, some of the cuts of the dresses immediately recall the Kennedy era. There are a whole smogasbord of styles to choose from and Amaize shows the truth scope of her talent with this collection of clothes, redeeming herself after the disappointment that was ‘Lagos Island’.

However, its is immediately obvious that making suits is not a strength she possesses. The suits in the collection sit awkwardly on the models, the shoulder lines too stiff and the bodice not well cut. This inability to perfectly master fit also hurts a number of dresses in the collection. Amaize is well on her way, but she isn’t quite there yet, design wise.

Twitter: @TessloConcepts


Photography: Samson Shobanke (@SamPixels)

Styling: Tessy Oliseh-Amaize

Makeup: @KennyKenkido

Tesslo Concepts Tesslo 27 Tesslo 28 Tesslo 29 Tesslo 30 Tesslo 26 Tesslo 25 Tesslo 24 Tesslo 22 Tesslo 21 Tesslo 20 Tesslo 19 Tesslo 18 Tesslo 17 Tesslo 16 Tesslo 15 Tesslo 13 Tesslo Concepts Tesslo 12 Tesslo 11 Tesslo 10 Tesslo 9 Tesslo 6 Tesslo 8 Tesslo 5 Tesslo 7 Tesslo 4 Tesslo 2 Tesslo 3 Tesslo

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