The Amarelis Fall 16 ‘Innocencia De Florence’ is the best kind of delicate

Women’swear label, Amarelis is making a grand comeback with it’s new collection ‘Innocencia De Florence’. After a short hiatus where the brand concentrated on its mass market line, the label returns to high fashion with the new collection from it’s atelier service. However this move couldn’t come at a more precarious time.

The country is full on entering the throes of an economic recession and it’s middle class bubble which created and fed the rise of a good number of our premium brands is starting to self destruct. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially in Amarelis’s case, as this is their best collection in ages.

The collection which focuses on a lineup of elegant dreamy dresses and functional pieces was inspired by a painting, “Innocencia de Florence” the designer saw in Las Vegas few years back.

With a title like that, we’re inclined to assume the painting was of Papal Florence, home of the Famed Medici’s. What Omolara Cole, creative director of the label does instead, is create a versatile, multi-purpose cache of wardrobe staples and stand-out evening dresses that are intriguing and wearable (if not original).

The designer seems enamoured with the idea of ‘transformer’ dresses, and plays with elements like detachable capes and peplum belts to take ensembles from super casual to uber formal. She layers gauze over full skirts, appliques 3D flowers over a tulle blouse and jazzes up a fairly boring dress with ruffled fins.

This, we think is what makes this collection work, Cole’s ability to decide the exact amount of modification and embellishment a pieces needs to attract attention, but never too much that it becomes overwrought.

Amarelis Amarelis 19 Amarelis 18 Amarelis 17 Amarelis 16 Amarelis 15 Amarelis 14 Amarelis 13 Amarelis 12 Amarelis 11 Amarelis 10 Amarelis 9 Amarelis 8 Amarelis 7 Amarelis 6 Amarelis 5 Ama 4 Ama 3 Ama 2 Ama


Art Direction & Styling: Sharon Ojong (
Tope Adenola (@Tope_Horpload)
 Nwando Ebeledike (@TheNwando)
Makeup Artist: 
Ara by Laide (@ArabyLaide)
Fred (@FredMakeover)
Creative Director: 
Omolara Cole


Take a look at the “Behind The Scenes Video” from the lookbook as well.


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