The Body Shop: 5 Unpopular Vagina Facts

Your vagina is pretty impressive. You know that already. This amazing part gives pleasure, annoying pain, and another tiny human. It’s , in short, awe-inspiring. That’s why it’s necessary to keep tabs on everything going on below your belt. Here’s a primer:


The vagina can handle an intense workoutAlyssa Dweck says the muscular tone of the vagina is strong. On a related note, kegels are seriously effective at strengthening the surrounding pelvic floor muscles for more intense orgasms. Isn’t this a good reason to exercise?

Your diet may affect the smell of your virgina. While there hasn’t been much research on the topic though, but anecdotal evidence suggests that “your scent can vary during ovulation and even when you eat something pungent like garlic”.


Your clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body, says Dweck. No wonder it’s the control center of your orgasm!

It allows for varying forms of pleasure. You can actually have four kinds of orgasms (clitoral, vaginal, blended, and multiple). And that’s quite a turnt down there!


There’s no such thing as a “normal” vagina. From the vulva to the labia, they come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t fret about being perfect diggy down down.

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