Still not over Lemonade, Try out these Yellow Looks.

Yellow is such a fun colour to play with when you are styling yourself. Since this year is going to be all about bold and bright colours, we are all over it. We are going to go through all the shades of yellow we are loving right now and show you how to wear yellow without looking like big bird from Sesame Street.

Since yellow is such a bright, in-your-face colour, it gets a little tricky to wear and a lot of people may feel it does not flatter them. No matter your skin tone or size, you can pull of yellow in the following ways;

  • As a dress – Keep it simple and classy in terms of cut and fit. It can look over the top when done wrong and you end up looking like little miss sunshine. One of the best qualities of yellow is that it goes great with every other colour, so you can wear almost anything with it. However when combining these colours be careful not to overdo it. Do not combine it with more than one other colour, if bold, you can go for two. But be careful with these colour combinations so you don’t end up looking like a box of crayons threw you up.
  • In two shades – As risky as this sounds, it almost never goes wrong but gives you a rather high fashion look. Yellow has a variety of shades to play around with, make the combination possibilities vast. We have canary, banana, mustard, maize and several others (several, several others). You can mix and match these shades according to your mood and personal style.

As shoes and accessories – If you don’t particularly love the colour yellow or are not comfortable with how bright and sunny it is, you can opt for yellow shoes, bags or accessories which is a subtle way to rock the colour.

This one's on our wishlist
This one’s on our wishlist

With monochrome – This is a personal favourite for us. The monochrome trend has had a huge year in fashion and has been on every major runway. Wearing yellow with monochrome takes the usual minimalist look up a notch, especially for those who have always found the look a little boring.


Did you know the colour yellow has been clinically proven to instantly lift depression and put you in a good mood (I swear we don’t make this stuff up), so stock up your closet with key pieces of yellow clothing and accessories and at least enjoy the trend while it lasts.


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