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Always start from the neck. 

Every woman loves the tingling, body-shuddering, goose pimples-eliciting, otherwordly sensation that courses through the body as it responds to the feel of the teeth (be subtle guys, this is not BDSM… just bite gingerly), as it also responds to the feel of the tip of the tongue, as it gallivants around the skin of the neck.

As soon as you’re rewarded with moans and gasps, go into multi-task mode.

Continue with the neck activity while fondling the nipple, obviously, with your index finger and your thumb. Almost every woman would get turned-on if you fondle two pleasure spots at the same time.

At this point, it’s important to note that when it comes to sexual intercourse and love-making, it’s a woman’s world.

God blessed you with two hands, so it’s important that they come in handy while having sex, so as you’re nibbling on her neck and caressing her nipple (which should be erect and fully firm after 5 minutes of multi-tasking) with your ‘right hand’, slide your left hand down to her *pink warm haven* region and massage the temple and camel toe.

With the mouth working on the neck, the right hand on her nipple, the left hand hunting for wetness down below, temporarily remove the hand from the nipple and use it to guide her hand to your penis.

Once contact is achieved, no guidance is needed. A handjob is learned on the job, not taught.

So while you’re giving her body a ‘threesome of sexual pleasures’ and she’s straddling your penis, utility becomes mutual, but for the woman, pleasure is four-fold.

The most common reason why many men can’t last beyond 10-15 minutes during sexual intercourse is because they are often times in a rush to get there, to hit the g-spot, to climax and attain that ultimate satisfaction.

But this defeats the purpose of the entire sexual experience.

To avoid this common scenario, when you’re at the ‘threesome of sexual pleasure’ stage, allow it to ensue for another 5-7minutes, after which you proceed to make your mouth useful on the breasts. 

The breasts are like the owners themselves; they are jealous and they love attention, so you have to stop all other activity and concentrate on making her get to the promised land.

Suck the breast, nibble on them for as long as you can, till you begin to see unbridled gasps.

When she’s at the peak of pleasure, she’s in a giving-mood, so gently guide her head down to your penis and give her a mouthful, provided she’s willing.

By this time, foreplay has lasted for almost 20 minutes and after about 5-7 more minutes of getting a head, you can reciprocate the gesture, if it’s your thing.

Love-making shouldn’t be monotonous and mundane, so before the penetration, get her back in the mood by spending 2 minutes roaming around her body- every part, every sensitive spot, every tender region and when you’re both at the optimum yearn-point, gently use the cap of your erect penis to rub her *pink warm haven* region.

Do this for 2 minutes and then gradually thrust into her *pink warm haven*.

Your sexual position is your preference and from experience, every sexual position is pleasurable.

Don’t be too fast for a start. Go easy- back and forth- until the road is smooth and more welcoming. Then thrust continuously.

Before you increase the pace of your thrust, be certain to ask for permission to go faster, and 10 out of 10 times, you’ll get an affirmative answer.

*To be continued

Kolapo Olapoju

Kolapo Olapoju is the editor of He is a creative writer, poet and entrepreneur. He develops content for web, print and TV. His works have been published in Glam & Essence magazine, YNaija, Nigerian Entertainment today (NET), Tuck Magazine and many others. His poetry has been published on and in anthologies like ‘Upcoming Voices’ by Society of Young Nigerian writers and ’2014 Annual Poets Showcase’ by Poetry First Publishing. He tweets from @hardrockyng

  1. I luv ur open lectures on dis topic cos not all men knows or ve tym for enough fore play b4 sex. Not all men know dat a womans consent is needed wen trusting into her @ a particular speed. I wish every man n woman wil ve opportunity to read tru ur “Perfect gentleman” stuff cos i believe it wil solve most of our emotional problems in relationships n marriages. Tnx

  2. you tack off your close and she tack off hers you lay down on top of her and staet fucying her then you put on her cioded

  3. This has to written by a man – ok but do not put her head down to your penis – if she wants to do that – she will. Think about the women not your own pleasure. Giving her pleasure should make you feel better.

    When you get to kissing her breast and she is expressing pleasure you need to go to the clitoris – first with your finger – make sure it is the right place – no harm in asking if you have the right spot – all women are different.

    To pleasure yourself a firm dick on the clitoris is great too. A woman holding your balls will make it even better for you. Most women cannot “come” with a man just inside of her. If you are inside make sure you a kissing her boobs as down there and up there work together for pleasure.

    If you really pleasure her she will climax more than once.

    If you climax before she does does – work on her clitoris and boobs and kissing her lips all at once.

    Hang in there you can give her great pleasure – do not stop as a women can go cold in an instance.

    If you come first – get your finger back to her clitoris and your mouth on her boobs or mouth. Keep going – she will love it.

    Giving a women your mouth and lips on her clitoris is another turn on for you and her.

    Written by a 40 years married woman…

  4. Well written article. Few more things:

    1. Body language awareness. When something doesn’t seem to be working, move on to a different area or try something else. Kiss and lightly bite her fingers, hands, and wrists. Or make her grab her own breasts and nipples.

    2. Generally don’t ask weak questions in bed, it can be a turn off for her. Instead of “what do you want to do?” or “Are you ok with oral sex?” try “show me what you like” or “that feels great… now use your mouth for me”.

    3. Be cool if she says no or her body language is saying no. Don’t even address it, just move on to something else. Always be a lover and a gentleman and make sure she knows she’s safe with you.

    4. Techniques are good but nothing gets a woman off like intensity and passion. 80% of turning her on is in public with your clothes on. Many women that “can’t have an orgasm during sex” end up squirting all over the place without much physical technique at all. Desire, confidence, fascination, kissing, dancing, humor, etc.

    5. Make your words count. Sometimes be sweet, sometimes be dirty, and most importantly… sometimes shut the fuck up.

    Good luck gentlemen, I’m gonna go make love to my girl right now!

  5. If you climax the wrong way tell your man to insert the penis before entering the vaginal ooening.also remember in order to be aroused you need good foreplay.If you bleed a little after sex thats normal.Your hymen breajs with wear and tear that is nothing to be ashamed anout.Please wait to have sex.:)

  6. So wen a guy wants to go down on u,he is simply arpused!If u want additional foreplay be sure to use stimulating lubrication like KY to achieve the peak of orgasm.Also if ur making love to someone make sure u are tender and gentle.p.p.s the nippers are sensitive so if u get a satisfied moan ur in for it.:)

  7. Why do you call her pussy/vagina *pink warm haven* that’s a bit overboard buddy it’s not like anyone is dying to get their dick wet buddy. Pluss you didn’t mention about going down on her so… what gives.
    Her *pink warm haven* not good enough or something.

  8. My wife is overweight and terribly lumpy. Itt’s hard to penetrate her or to give her oral sex or much hand contact.
    In addition she suffers from much pain in her hands, shoulders, legs and knees and is not able to try any positions other than basic missionary.
    Can you advise me what to do? I can’t even do much basic kissing.

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