6 life saving tips for walking in high heels

Even if your first pair of shoes were high heels, or you practically live in them like Kim K, walking in high heels for long stretches, takes a toll on your feet.

But because babe status must be maintained, we develop coping mechanisms to survive in them, especially when we need to be in them all day.

Well we have come up with the ultimate survival guide for you to manage walking in high heels.

Read on, if this you
Read on, if this you
  1. Break in new shoes. When you buy a new pair of shoes for work or for any purpose that will require you to be in them for long periods, you need to break them in. Try wearing them around the house to do this, plus it also gives you an opportunity to practice walking in them if you are not used to high heels.
  2. Get insoles! These babies saved my life, one week that I was required to be in high heels everyday for about eight hours.
  3. Buy wedges. I personally hate wedges, but they are undeniably comfortable, and you can get away with wearing them under maxis, and palazzo pants.
  4. Another cute option for comfortable heels, are kitten heels. Not everyday wear 5 inch heels, kitten heels are chic and incredibly stylish and are totally back in style if you are worried about that.
  5. Make sure it fits right, before paying for it. If the shoe isn’t comfortable when you try it on, it’s never going to be.
  6. Take a break from wearing the shoes when you can. Slip them off your feet when you are seated, at work or at an informal event. You can also carry a pair of flats to change into at some point, if you are going to do a lot of running around at the event or occasion.
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