These 5 beauty products must always be in your bag

For a lot of people it is simply not possible to lug around our makeup bags wherever we are going. In fact our makeup bags are sometimes larger than our everyday bags. But even if you can’t carry all your makeup around with you, you definitely need to have these beauty products stashed in your bag at all times.

  1. Your favourite lipstick or whatever lipstick you put on that morning. You never know when you need to touch up your lipstick, maybe after your lunch break, or after a visit to bae’s place. Whatever it is, half wiped lipstick is not a good look. mac_sku_M3008R_640x600_0
  2. A powder compact. If you usually use loose powder, get a powder compact to keep in your bag. It’s more practical to use for a touch up anywhere. Imagine bringing out your container of loose powder in a bus on your commute, it will definitely end in a disaster.
  3. Lip balm. If you are over your lip colour by lunch, having lip balm in your bag comes in handy to make sure your lips stay moisturized.
  4. Hand Sanitizer. You probably have a ton of leftovers in your house that were abandoned immediately after the Ebola scare passed. Always keep one stashed in your bag, to use during the day, your hands touch the grossest things you don’t even know about.
  5. Oil absorbing sheets. Lagos is humid as hell, and the weather turns most of our faces, into oil producing factories especially when we skip using primer. If you don’t want your nose to be as shiny as Rudolph’s by mid day, keep these sheets handy in your bag at all times.
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