A year on, these 5 hair accessories from Pop Caven still slay

Many of you might not remember Caven Etomi, the luxury street wear brand that became insanely popular in 2012 for their T-shirt lines. Caven Etomi managed to mix their Nigerian heritage and modern pop culture into the perfect T-shirt swirl and spawned many ‘copy cat’ t-shirt labels. While Caven’s stuff was quite pricey (some sold for as much as 20,000 naira a pop), they quickly became social currency among the young and fashion savvy.

In the intervening years, Caven Etomi withdrew somewhat from the Nigerian market, focusing their efforts on catering to the Nigerian diaspora looking for a safe way to engage their Nigerian heritage. They had a name change; dropping the Etomi and embracing pop culture references by becoming Pop Caven. They also took their market online, creating one of the most beautiful Nigerian online stores you’ll see.

As part of their branching out, the label dabbled into accessories; hair accessories especially, and a bag that quickly went viral. We at The Other Style are curating our favourite Pop Caven headdresses, just in time for summer.


An African violet crown, guys, need we say more?

fPop Caven


This one is a hard sell, but it’s a great metaphor for telling everyone you’re sweet and sour and everything in between. Plus if things get tough, you’re wearing a head full of projectiles.

Suri 3



This is kind of for the edgy girl who wants to everyone to do a double take and but still be (somewhat) formal space appropriate. I personally wouldn’t recommend you wear like the model does. I can’t be held responsible if random strangers walk up to you to lick you.

Suri 4


Think weddings, annoying the hell out of your crush’s mother and every other event that will allow you wear a white sun dress (lace preferably), think Lana Del Rey, think ethereal beauty.

Suri 5


We would recommend this for that spring ritual (just kidding), or that beach festival you’ve planning to go to all year, its bright yellow so you’re sure to get noticed, and retailing for just $30, its quite the steal.




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