Think you’ve seen the worst fashion trend? Topshop’s clear plastic jeans will prove you wrong

And we’re not even joking!

The photo below was culled from UK retail fashion company, Topshop’s site and it’s the bottom item we need you to pay special attention.

On the site, the item is described as “out-of-the-ordinary, clear plastic jeans that is guaranteed to get people talking“. Guess that’s why we’re here “talking” about it now.

And we’re not the only ones! The rest of the internet is just as worried as we are about Topshop’s intentions and the crazy idea behind this new clear jeans trend.

Here’s where it begins for us though: In what weather is this clear plastic jeans supposed to be appropriate? Winter, summer, spring, autumn?

Did anyone think about that sweat that is miraculously manufactured in the thighs when humans walk?

So why do we have to wear granny pants or bum shorts or briefs under a pair of trousers? How more uncomfortable can life get?

And for heaven’s sake, why is this thing called Jeans when it’s made out of plastic?

Finally, has it been tested safe for human use?

Oh and finally again, what was Topshop really thinking?

This is not alright and is deserving of all the backlash that has followed in the last two days or so.

But before we start thinking for anyone, would you rock this $70 (55 pounds) madness?

See more photos to help you decide:

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