6 reasons your perfume doesn’t stay on

Most times, it seems like our perfumes don’t last past a couple of hours no matter how expensive. And so we tend to carry them around for constant reapplication.

You wouldn’t need to do that if you knew some of these things.

  1. Moisturize before wearing your perfume. I know you guys are tired of my constant noise making about moisturising, but the truth remains that dry skin doesn’t hold perfume well. The trick is to put on your perfume straight out the shower (after you’ve moisturised), your skin traps in the scent.
  2. Put some perfume in your hair (or weaves), don’t let all that constant billowing in the wind waste, let your hair leave an impression for you. And even if your hair doesn’t billow in the wind (fro gang), put it on anyway. Your tall friends leaning in (or down) for a hug will thank you.
  3. Put perfume on your pulse points. Spraying it on your clothes is a waste of time,it fades off quickly and some perfumes leave stains on lightly coloured clothes. Some of your pulse points are behind your ears, the insides of your elbows, inside your wrists, and along your throat, put some vaseline on these points to make it last even longer. As a little Valentine’s day tip, remember to spray perfume down your cleavage and in between your thighs (thank us later).
  4. Buy the whole range if possible, this includes the perfume itself, a  lotion and sometimes a body wash. Combining all three (or even just two), will let your perfume last all day.
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  5. You’ve just been using your perfume too long. When you use a particular scent for a long period of time, your brain stops picking it up. It’s probably still there but you just can’t sense it. If you’ve gotten to this point with any perfume, you should consider changing it.
  6. You are using an EDT (Eau de toilette). There is a reason the EDT version of your favourite perfume is considerably cheaper than the Perfume, or EDP (eau de parfum), it’s meant to only last 2-3 hours.
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