This professional bridesmaid hates weddings yet earns £744 a day (Photos)

28 year old Jen Glantz, based in New York, makes money out of being a “professional bridesmaid”  by taking on all the duties to help brides pull off their big days.
She charges up to £744 a day but admits she “hates weddings”.

Jen, who has yet to be a bride, told The Times: “This job has made me realise there’s no such thing as a soulmate.

“It’s about finding a person who will put up with you and you’ll put up with them. Maybe that’s true love.’

Jen started her business Bridesmaid for Hire two years ago after getting a reputation for being the “calm and collected” one when she was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, but now she’s made a career out of it.

“I’ve had the extreme type-A brides where everything is on spreadsheets and if they notice a single candle is not in its spot, they flip out and it’s the worst thing ever”

Describing her duties, Jen said: “I’m there because the bride hates the song the DJ is playing or the mother of the groom is driving her nuts and she needs someone to step in and help with that.

“I’m there because she has a drunk uncle who’s messing up the dance floor. I try to defuse the situation, talk to people, calm them down and get them back to their table.”

The business woman, who never drinks on the job, said she’s worked with every type of bride.

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