Three countries, one couple and the unforgettable dance

We are so excited about this engagement feature!

Delphine, a Citizen of France and Akinola from Nigeria, met in Central London and fell in love on first date.

Their love story
In 2011, Akinola met Delphine in Central London where she was out with her brother (Stephan) having a good time.
Akinola got introduced to Delpine by her brother and the moment Akinola saw Delphine, the pounded yam in him leapt for joy.
He knew at once that he had found the missing rib he had been looking for since July, 1985.
Delphine on the other hand was amazed by Akinola’s dance moves,  she couldn’t resist to see him again.
For a reason that she still cannot explain to herself, she accepted to wait for him for far too long to show up on their first date.
Today, she doesn’t regret it as if she had left she would have never had the chance to get to know her other half and soon to be husband.
Now check out their prewedding photos  shot by @aanufamo
Ada Igboanugo

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