A rundown of 4 of the best thrift markets in Lagos

After perusing an article on a blog recently about a desperate lack of thrifting stores in Lagos, I remember contemplating how accurate the writer’s submissions were. I have come across actual thrift stores in Lagos. You might call them bend down select or okrika markets but they are all thrift stores at heart.


This is one of the biggest places for thrifting in Nigeria. Although most of the traders  have been chased around the market by the state government in an attempt to clean up the environment, they remain one of the most thriving thrift business community in the state. The market is made up of a network of several stores and make shift sheds and sections are dedicated solely to the sale of different clothing items. Rumour has it that they tear bale on Mondays. For those who don’t know, that’s when all the good stuff comes up.


Popularly known as the Tuesday market because that is the only day of the week the thrift stores are open for business, Aswani is a large open market located in Isolo. The thrift stores are divided into two; up front are the grade 1 stores which have actual sheds, while the grade 2 and 3 stores are at the extreme of the market. These ones have no sheds and are located on open grounds allowing for fresh air and blue skies while shopping.


Popular far sales of foodstuff, Bariga has a small section of its market dedicated to thrifting. This section only comes alive in the evenings.


This is arguably the biggest thrift market in Nigeria. Located in Agbado, the Hausa named market derived its name from a characteristic sale of second-hand clothes. Popularly known as bend-down market, the clothes are also divided into various grades reflected by price and quality. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are special as this is when new consignments arrive.

Ever gone thrifting in Lagos? Know any other thrift stores? Let us know.


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