How To Pull It Off A Timeless Home Design Style With A Modern Twist 

There is only one rule that remains solid in interior design: styles are going t change. Regardless of the fact that your home is up to date with the latest trends now, in a couple of years, everything will be different. Just think about it: the history of interior design started with imposing pieces of furniture, with gorgeous decorations and massive designs and we ended up with a minimalist style that promotes comfort and functionality. That’s quite a change, isn’t it?

So, how do some people manage to pull off that timeless design? The answer is simple: they select furniture pieces that don’t get out of style easily and mix them with modern items. This way, the design is not rigid and can be easily updated. But let’s see a few guidelines that will help you put together your own timeless design.


1. Focus on staying power

You know those pieces we consider “classic”? Well, the very definition of a classic when it comes to style is something that will be up to date for years to come. It’s an item that has staying power. This means that you will have to select design elements (furniture, colors, textures) that were designed to last.

You can find such elements among both modern and old furniture and decorative items. All that matters is the build quality and the general aspect.

2. Create balance between old and new

A timeless design is sophisticated, elegant and doesn’t follow the trends. However, it’s also an interesting and attractive style that creates lines and combinations that don’t fit anywhere. For instance, you could take an antique cabinet and place it near a wall painted in a neutral color. The only item that will complete this picture is a huge piece of modern art, hanging on the wall. This way you build your own, timeless style using the old, the new and the now. What could you want more from an amazing interior design setting?

3. Less is more

While you shouldn’t follow a minimalist design, you should also steer away from anything that is over the limit. You don’t want extra big or small furniture, and nothing that is too poufy or colorful. Timeless pieces are the ones that offer both style and functionality.

Also, try to stay away from colors, decorations, and other items that are “of the year”. Usually, this type of fame only lasts one year. Go with the classics and you won’t go wrong. However, to incorporate that modern twist, you can also use accessories like pillows, small pieces of furniture, and others.

4. Natural textures and classic patterns

If you want to include patterns in your design, go with the classics: stripes, checks, or plaids. These will always be there, and they can create beautiful designs that get remarked through simplicity and elegance.

When it comes to textures, you should always choose natural materials like wood or stone. Artificial textures are only temporary, and they become tacky quite quickly.

Now, there are contemporary designs that follow the same rules, and they have every chance of becoming timeless. So, as you can see, you don’t have to get stuck in a certain time frame, you just have to implement good taste and style. As long as you aim for simplicity and elegance, your home’s design will definitely be timeless.

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