Tiny Beautiful Things: Opeyemi Awoyemi for WoolWorth’s SA’s 60’s icons look book

We love our Nigerian models getting that international acclaim for their work, and Opeyemi Awoyemi, alum of the first season of the fantastic Africa’s Next Top Model has earned every bit of that acclaim. Signing to a South African agency, Awoyemi has spent the last three years working consistently and establishing herself as one of South Africa’s most sought after models. So it wasn’t at all a surprise when she got tapped to front the new campaign at Woolworth’s, one of South Africa’s biggest clothing retailers.

The editorial, styled by ELLE Fashion Director Tarryn Oppel paid homage to many of the 60s style icons; replicating classic looks from Twiggy, Mary Quant & Diana Ross but updating them for the 21st century.

Opeyemi rocks the hell out of that bob and the print shift dress and the vintage inspired decor of the shoot transports right back to avantgarde dressing rooms of that era, complete with striped blinds and chocolate hues.

Opeyemi Awoyemi Opeyemi 4 Opeyemi 3 Opeyemi 2 Opeyemi

Go Opeyemi, we’re always rooting for you.

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