”This hair thing is hard”- #TeamNatural ladies (and their men) speak out

The natural hair movement gets bigger and bigger every year and a lot of ladies have gotten on the coconut oil club bandwagon. We at TOS decided to speak with some ladies (and their partners) about the challenges of going natural.


I miss the ease of relaxed hair. I would just wake up, pour pink oil, pack my hair and I was done. Fixing was easier too. Now I spend up to ten hours on the hair in the morning. I love how my hair looks now sha, plus it grows faster.


I have never not been natural. It started as a religious thing, because my parents attended Deeper Life church and although I resented it in secondary school, I have grown to love this wild mane of mine. But hair products are quite expensive.


I got the big chop 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I can legit feel how much healthier and happier my hair got. I think we didn’t realize how much damage the relaxers were doing to our hair. Will I ever go back? No never ever.


Me I’m tired! I only cut my hair because my two best-friends made me. They both have natural hair and the only reason I haven’t relaxed it is because of them. I am going to relax it soon sha, this natural thing is hard. I’m not doing again.


Her hair is her hair now. I don’t really have a preference I mean its whatever she likes I like. I love it when she braids though.


My girlfriend just cut all her hair off. I was annoyed initially because she had really nice long hair. But she looks cute with the short curls. I think I prefer when it was relaxed sha.


I love her natural hair. Mostly because she doesn’t fix weaves as much and I never really liked the weaves. She loves to take care of her own hair and is almost always on it.

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