TSS Weddings: 7 Reasons Platinum Wedding Bands Are Trending in 2016

Adorning your finger with the best metal speaks volumes about you and your position in society. Shopping for jewelry depends on your financial state, and if you can afford the best of the best, why not try platinum?

Timeless Beauty

Platinum is a timeless and very rare metal. This makes it among the most expensively priced metals. It exudes a class of royalty and elegance. Platinum wedding bands remain as new-looking as they were when you first bought themand therefore, you won’t have to replace them later in your marriage.


One of the most common problems people face is having sensitive skin. A band made of platinum pushes such thoughts to the back of your head. It won’t react with your skin and you’ll always have rash-free fingers.

Subtle colour

When shopping for men’s wedding bands, the number one consideration is colour. A platinum wedding band doesn’t have a bright colour. It also matches all the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. You need not worry about bold colours distracting the board of directors.

Low maintenance

While most other metals like sterling silver and cobalt tarnish over time, a platinum wedding band doesn’t tarnish and therefore, no need for heavy duty cleaning. It can be steam cleaned quickly. Unlike other metal wedding bands that tarnish fast, you will not have extra costs of keeping your ring in prime condition.

High Value

Being one of the rare metals, even rarer than gold, it is very precious. This means that it has a very high value. This will add value to your wedding. It can be used as security when trying to secure a loan for business and personal reasons.


Platinum is one of the strongest metals and it has a very high density. It is malleable and can be crafted into your desired wedding band or any other piece of jewelry. In its purest forms, however, it is too soft and must be alloyed with metals like iridium or ruthenium for it to work.

A wedding band made from platinum is resistant to corrosion from chemicals like sulphuric and hydrochloric acids.

Vintage look

This wedding band material can be crafted and redesigned to give it the ultimate vintage and royal look for your day.


In conclusion, even though this is a very expensive choice of metal for your wedding day, its quality is high and you will not cry foul later on in life.

You should consider this ring if you are ready for a lifetime commitment and probably if you are royalty and therefore tied culturally to your betrothed. It would be a waste to buy such a costly ring if your wedding goes down the drain in months. The true/ initial value will not be redeemed later.

The only downside is that you can be killed because of its value. Therefore, you might have to keep it safe and not wear it all the time.

You might consider titanium and white gold/ sterling silver rings if you need the classy touch but you are unable to pay the price. All these options will still make you the king on your wedding day.




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