A love story that began on Valentine’s day! Tola & Wale’s old school inspired pre-wedding shoot is fanstatic

Love is ageless!

From the beginning of time, love had existed and continues to grow through time. Two people meet,fall in love and decide to live together forever. How magical!

We present to you the oldies inspired pre-wedding photos of Tola and Wale in Lagos.

More beautiful is the story of the couple’s journey from ‘hello’ as they prepare to say ‘I DO’. Enjoy!



“Our story began in February 2006 at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile- Ife. We were both students at the time; we met at one of the most popular lecture theatres called ODLT in OAU. WALE was a student of Electronics and Electrical Engineering while TOLA was studying Pharmacy”, says the groom-to-be, Wale.

On that faithful evening, WALE was at the lecture theatre waiting to receive lectures while TOLA was there to read. The lecturer (Prof. Adegboyega) came in and one thing he detests is to have students who were not part of the class to be in attendance, he would chase such students out and seize any of their belongings he could lay his hands on.  WALE knew already that TOLA would be in trouble if she remained in the lecture room so he quickly hinted her she had to leave the lecture room before she got caught. However, that pretty short lecture room incident has changed our lives!

Their friendship officially kicked off on Valentine’s night, WALE was walking along TOLA’s hostel when he met her best friend ADEOLA. She invited him to the room they shared and that’s how the initial kick off began.

WALE met and mingled with all of TOLA‘s friends like he had known them for years (they all assume he was the “boyfriend” anyways) all of this time, TOLA too got  to know WALE better in this assumed “boyfriend” , “girlfriend” period. Even though it wasn’t until several months after that TOLA officially agreed to a date; she can sure look back now and cherish the memories from that St. Valentine’s Day, and for WALE the wait was definitely worth it!

‘We are excited to start our lives together as the countdown begins!’ says Wale.

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Photography by @doweddings and @icubephotography
Bride @ayotola_14
Groom @semmy_006

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