TY Bello’s Take On: Lilian Olubi

Born in 1976, one of the most beautiful people in my life turns 40. Our sweet Lililili. There’s something about a pure heart that keeps one’s beauty timeless. Lilian’s heart is golden and she’s been that rock with the gentle voice that was always there when things got tough.


This was the one of the few people I could talk to when #chrissndchris felt like a fantasy. Lilian, our gentle rock, you will always mean the world to us. One of the wisest people I know, yet always seems to be easy about just how awesome she is. From corporate achievements to the fact that she’s just breathtakingly beautiful .


So when it was time to photograph her for the Big 4-0, I straight up bullied her from a simple shoot into something a little more dramatic- exploring beautiful looks from different decades. I’m happy to present my friend in a way most have never seen her, starting with this very simple portrait.


Lilian, thank you for being such an amazing gift to us all. Thank you for always inspiring a deeper walk with God. Thank you for all you’ve done to make me a better business woman and human being.





Everything beautiful.

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