TY Bello’s Take On: Gogo Majin – The Bubble

I’m happy to share the image I made about living from The ‘God bubble ‘ with singer/songwriter, exceptional voice coach, fashion designer and all round creative genius  @gogomajin.

Gogo walked into my studio with absolute trust. I knew what I was going for but could not articulate it, she came with me on the journey anyway. I learnt a lot from this shoot. My best images of her were the ones I didn’t push so hard and just let her ‘be’, stepping back and shooting as part of her quiet place.

Nothing contrived worked and things just blossomed when I calmed down. I’m learning now that some of my best works are the simple ones. That sometimes it’s important to just step back with the camera and photograph things as they evolve.

I’m learning to trust when things are ‘easy’ and when not interfere so much. This is exactly how life is in the ‘bubble’. I’m always yearning for this space regardless of what’s going on around me.

Once I’m in, I know I’m going to be just fine. My session with her was similar to @lanreolusola but distinct in the sense that her expressions got more gentle as she made deeper connections in worship: We all connect with God in such unique ways and I’m looking forward to exploring this even more.

Let me not forget to add that I had an amazing time styling her hair for the shoot. Gogo may just have the healthiest and fullest head of hair in this town I haven’t found an appropriate title for this ‘bubble series’ yet but I’m learning its more about Spirit and worship than it is about dance.

We’ll see…I’m excited to see where this all leads…your suggestions are very welcome and I’ll be open to share my journey as I create.


Everything beautiful.

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