TY Bello’s Take On: Yewande Zaccheus, Nneka Kyari and Laurie Idahosa – Hope Has Many Vibrant Colours

I had been praying for direction on how to photograph this particular @thisdaystyle cover. Each woman had written books to inspire people battling with infertility and had found unique ways to share their own journey.


I connected with the cover as I have walked through this journey myself. I remember how ‘Gods Waiting Room’ by Yewande Zaccheus had really encouraged me when it felt like my dreams of ever becoming a mother were completely broken.


Photographing these three felt like I would be adding to that unseen force of encouragement. As the women arrived at the studio, everything changed in the atmosphere. Within the beauty were women who were at different points in their journey to motherhood. And there were a few people who were chanced to be at the studio who I knew were ‘waiting ‘ as well. It occurred to me, this was it; wasn’t at all by chance. The healing and hope these women carried began to flow right there to others at the shoot.




It was awesome to watch. As make up and hair were being done, I remember walking into circles with people holding hands in prayer. Teary eyed as stories were being exchanged.

This was so refreshing. Dreams restored and hearts mended. Just because some amazing people were being photographed! I knew this was what the shoot was about. Not the clothes or the lighting or the idea. Just women supporting each other. Giving hope and comfort. Now THIS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL! Always! It’s fantastic that this cover has come out on Mother’s Day.




Nneka Kiyari-TY-Bello's-Take-On-The-September-standard

Holding up up hands of every woman having it hard to conceive or needing the courage and strength to try again. Rejoice TODAY! You already are a MOTHER. That is what drives your heart to want to nurture another human being in the first place. Your wait will be rewarded. In a perfect time and with your own unique story.




Soon, Beautiful Sister, you will bring hope and its many vibrant colors to other women. Soon enough ! Happy Mother’s Day.


Photography – TY Bello

Interview – by @duchesskaykay

Make-up –  by @bimpeonakoya @meekness @jbeautyfull

Styled by – @yolandaokereke

Hair – Tj from Haircraft .


Everything beautiful.

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