We came, We saw, We Loved!! University Sweethearts Odera and Daniel wed (first photos, videos)

University sweethearts Odera and Daniel’s fab wedding was planned by Trendybee Events.

“The bride had tried reaching me for a long time ! It was one of those very peak periods when we were super busy , but she was determined it had to me …….I had to make it up to Her ….❤️ Finally we met, I remember my first meeting with her mum and herself , they were soooo good to me , I immediately knew I wanted to be their planner…. Her mum super pretty , super amazing , my bride beautiful both inside and out ,I enjoyed every bit of the planning with zero stress. Odera ( my bride )was always soft spoken and patient , she trusted me completely! Her brief : Bisola I want a simple wedding but above all a beautiful fun wedding with family and very close friends.  His Brief : FUN  Me : Your wish is my command #od2016 had a Turnt crowd energy a 100% It was so beautiful🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾, everyone had a great time , so much food , drinks , champagne everywhere slayed!! ” Bisola of Trendy Bee Events gushed!

From what we have seen on Instagram so far, their wedding was lit!

See first pictures below:


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