Can we talk about RMD’s personal style?

Nigerian veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo’s personal style has been getting a lot of attention since mid last year through his Instagram page. In just about a year, RMD has gained over two hundred thousand followers, and even though a major part of his popularity on the social media platform can be attributed to the fact that he’s an award winning actor, it also mostly due to the fact that his personal style transcends age in a way that is mostly not cringe worthy.

RMD’s style is a perfect balance between what is considered age appropriate for a 54 year old proud grandfather, and whatever is currently in trend.

Even though most people started really paying attention to his personal style last year, here’s proof that RMD has always been too cool for us.


We could go on and on, talking about how it is impossible for the actor not to pull off anything he is put in perfectly, but we’ll just leave a link to his Instagram page here, where you won’t find a single popped collar (Nigerian uncle style), showing us once again that RMD is way cooler than your favourite cool kid.

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