WATCH: @D3ola of Omogemura gets personal about PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a medical disorder that affects women of fertile age, causing severe reproductive dysfunction and in extreme cases infertility. Disorders like this are often stigmatized among women because of the society’s preoccupation with children. So for popular people to speak on syndromes like this help create awareness and palliative care for sufferers.

Nigerian Youtuber and fashion blogger Omogemura reveals in her latest video that she is a sufferer of PCOS and explains in the video the struggles that she has had to face because of the syndrome and how she finds herself and her joy in the light of such daunting circumstances. She also does a teal make up tutorial in honour of the her condition and the day set aside to celebrate her and other women who choose to enjoy their lives in spite of personal illness.

In other good news, Deola also reveal to us that she recently got nominated in the inaugural Geneveive Beauty Magazine for best beauty blogger of the year. That is an amazing feat considering how saturated the beauty blogging scene is right now.

Deola, we are proud of you, keep soaring.

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