Watch: Deola Of Omogemura shows us how to up our brow game.

We’ll admit, we might have a bit of a crush on Deola of Omogemura. The blogger behind the beauty and lifestyle website has wooed us with her refreshing brand of girl-next-door charm and immersive and accessible beauty and lifestyle tutorials and hacks. We’ve watched her show us how to get beautiful day looks, hot glam looks, even a horrific (in the best possible way) halloween Owambe bride tutorial. And now she’s going back to the basic and showing us how to get fleeky brows.

The brow game has changed significantly in the last decade with celebrities like Jourdan Dunn and Cara DeLevigne turning the beauty industry away from razor thin brows to a fuller, less structured look. And Deola shows us how with a few brushes, a bit of concealer and some highlighter, we can get the sharpest brows without looking like we carved it on a with file.

So check out the video and show her some love if you learn a trick or two on how to up that brow game.

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