We asked 5 ladies to go through their mothers’ bags for us

Anytime you go through an average woman’s bag, you are the risk of stumbling upon anything from underwear pulled off at work and stuffed hurriedly into a zipped section of the bag to prevent a fashion faux pas, to a month old pack of gum that probably cannot be eaten without the wrapper anymore. The only thing more intriguing than a lady’s bag is her mum’s, so we asked these 5 women to go through their mums’ bags for us and we can’t say their findings surprised us.


Lool ok, so there’s a rosary, uhh a scapular, oh sorry there are two rosaries oh! In her defence she goes for weekday masses sha. Let’s see what else, there’s lip balm, a mirror, some tissue paper, a ton of rubber bands even though she’s on low cut and bitter kola.


Hmmn my mother, where do I want to start from? She carries her life around with her. Let me just give you the five she can’t do without; there’s her red lipstick, her cover gray, her umbrella even when it’s not rainy season and hairnet.


There are a ton of biros, lol she’s a teacher. Uhhh a notepad with permanent market list on it, hand cream, a mirror, lipstick, black eyeliner that she uses for her brows sha and her wallet.


A small bible, a scarf, daily devotional, her wallet, some cotton buds, robb, a small album with pictures of her husband and children, I don’t know where she’s carrying that one to though.


I don’t even know where to start with my mother’s bag. There is an extra pair of slippers for ’emergencies’, her reading glasses, some jewelry, lipstick, a mirror, her iPad because she never uses it, just carries it around, and a scarf.

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