Femi Handbags’ Adenike is our bag of the season

When you see it, you know it.

That  accessory of the season, that singular item so beautiful it immediately elevates your wardrobe. For many years it was the Hermes Birkin bag, then it was the Lanvin Jiji bag, and now its the Adenike bag by Nigerian bag maker Femi Handbags.

The Adenike bag is a dyed snakeskin iteration of the bucket bag made famous by Yves Saint Laurent and more recently by niche accessories brand Monsur Gavriel.

Monsur Gavriel's highly coveted iteration of the bucket bag
Monsur Gavriel’s highly coveted iteration of the bucket bag.

Femi’s Handbags puts their twist on the idea, favoring a tote strap over the usual knapsack straps. They also play on the colours, swapping the muted hues that define the international iterations of this bag for a a more colourful palette. They offer two iterations of the design, a muted auburn bag for the demure and red and white colour blocked option for the fashion brave. This combined with the leather is the perfect storm to produce a bag that is stylish, contemporary and aspirational.


Femi’s handbags is the more glamorous sister line to formal accessories brand, My World Of Bags. Both created by Ibadan based entrepreneur Femi Olayebi, who started the label in 1994, spurred by the lack of durable locally made carrier bags for mothers with young children. In the intervening 22 years, Olayebi has grown her My World Of Bags from a niche brand to one of the premier luxury brands making formal accessories for working class women today. It has also created a luxury tech accessory line, creating ethnic phone case, holders, bags and protectors.

Femi handbags is Olayebi’s attempt to break into the luxury leather bespoke handbag market and with the Adenike bag, a concessionary deal with fashion retailer Grey Velvet and endorsments from the Bank Of Industry and Women In Business (WimBiz) Olayebi’s plans to dominate the luxury accessory market seem right within her grasp.

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The colossus herself.

At a little below five hundred dollars, the Adenike bag is huge bargain for luxury and we recommend you save or splurge for it.

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