Tesslo Concepts’ ‘Lagos Island’ collection is one kain

Tesslo Concepts, an emerging design label based in Lagos has received a major boost from it’s creative director, Tessy Oliseh-Amaize’s relationship with former political pundit ,Ohimai Amaize. Choosing to ride that PR train for as long it works, she recently released a collection themed ‘Lagos Island’ with her politician husband as the face of her editorial campaigns.

Amaize says the collection was inspired by vibrant fabric she found while shopping at the Isale Eko market in Lagos Island that seemed similar to fabric used by international brands.

“I was at Isale Eko market in Lagos Island when I stumbled on these set of plaid fabrics that caught my attention. It was like that moment when your eyes open up to something you never knew existed before. The more I stared at the fabrics, the more it dawned on me that everything we need to give Versace, Armani, Gucci, D&G and the rest a run for their money is right here.

I just felt this rush of anger and excitement at the same time and promised myself I was going to make a collection out of these fabrics that will make Nigerians really proud. That’s how the Lagos Island collection was born.”

The twenty three look collection that results from this event is somewhat confusing. Amaize has a firm grasp of menswear construction and does a decent job of creating traditional menswear looks. She even impresses with a pleather animal print blazer and a high lo linen tunic with embroidery detailing on the bust.

But once she begins to experiment, she loses her audience. There are misguided ideas like trying to color block grey linen with Yellow ankara prints, a bright yellow and red Ankara blazer in a classic print that reminds us of the AMVCA ankara print tuxedo. Amaize even tries to sell us a bolero blazer worn under a jacket style vest. While they are well tailored, none of the suit looks quite fit on her model.

We like that Tesslo’s concepts is experimenting with menswear, but her execution disappoints.

Tesslo's Concepts Tesslo 3 Tesslo 4 Tesslo 5 Tesslo 6 Tesslo 7 Tesslo 8 Tesslo 9 Tesslo 10 Tesslo 11 Tesslo 12 Tesslo 13 Tesslo 14 Tesslo 15 Tesslo 16 Tesslo 17 Tesslo 18 Tesslo 19 Tesslo 21 Tesslo

Shoot Credits:

Photography: Samson Shobanke (SamPixels)
Styling: Tessy Oliseh-Amaize
Makeup: Faces by TOGA

Model: Ohimai Godwin Amaize

Designer: Tesslo Concepts | Twitter

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