We talked to two mothers about today’s beauty trend

Have you ever wondered what exactly our mothers and grandmothers think of today’s beauty trends? Well we talked to two mothers and grandmothers who haven’t been bitten by the beauty bug and are still having a little trouble understanding how big beauty and makeup has gotten in Nigeria.

Mrs. Funmilola Bello – 58 years old,  has one child, who just happens to be a make-up artist

I had never paid much attention to the trend, till my daughter picked up interest in it. We are very close and I’m home a lot, I work from home actually so she would pester me to practice on my face. She never asked to go and learn in any school, so I’m still not sure how she learnt. But it was amazing watching her create different looks on both our faces with the makeup, I never quite got used to it though there were just too many things that had to go on my face. When she started I thought it was just a new trend that will pass, but she tells me about how much bigger make up artists than her make, and its amazing.

Mrs. Felicia Ogbeni – 63 years old, a mother to three children who are all girls and five grand-kids.

I don’t know much about it oh, but my last daughter spends so much time painting and repainting her face before she leaves the house, even to buy bread. She says she does it to enhance her beauty but I’m yet to see the appeal. And it’s ridiculous how much she spends on the makeup, the other day we went to Shoprite together, and she said she had to buy a few things from one makeup store, the amount she spent almost gave me a heart attack. That much! on face paint, the whole thing is a waste of money and time young ladies should learn to prioritize their interests.

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