We tried out this shaving hack for the vagina

There are about a thousand and one shaving hacks on beauty blogs and vlogs that are supposed to help you get that baby smooth, clean shave. While we always talk about these hacks on here in theory, I decided to actually try one out, so you won’t have to. Of course we didn’t put pictures because, our site is PG 13 but we’ll try to explain in detail.

Almost everyone has heard about how shaving with Johnson’s baby oil supposedly works like magic. You get a clean smooth shave, no shave burns, no ingrown hairs and no bumps. Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, and the sad part is it’s actually too good to be true.

I have no idea who came up with the idea of shaving with baby oil, but the person failed to mention how unbelievably messy it gets. I did the usual pre-shave ritual before getting down to business, took a hot shower and whipped out a clean new razor, before slathering the baby oil all over my vagina area, my bikini line and between my butt cheeks. I took a couple of swipes with my razor, and the hair came off all right, but getting the hair of the razor was another wahala. Halfway through there is an impossible amount of on the razor that still won’t come off, the razor itself is now almost too slippery too handle and I can’t quite gauge how clean my shave is because there is already shaved off hair stuck to several parts because of the baby oil.

I finally gave up when it seemed like I was at least done with the top area and took another bath to get all that hair and baby oil of me. After my bath, I inspected the area and found that there were still little tufts of hair in many areas.

In defence of this shaving “hack”, the areas that I managed to shave, were actually pretty clean shaven and smooth. So maybe I wasn’t patient enough or missed a step, but I don’t think shaving with baby oil works for me.

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