“We waited for 7 years and had an awesome wedding night” – Taofikat and Kazeem’s wedding story (photos)

Kazeem and Taofikat

Newly weds and beautiful couple, Taofikat and Kazeem got married a few weeks ago in Ilorin, after dating for seven years and the best part is that they are both virgins!

Taofikat (Modupe) and Kazeem

They met during their undergraduate days in the University of Ilorin in 2009.

He was in 200 level, while she was an intern.

As narrated by the Groom:

We met in NASFAT, 2009 in UNILORIN. Immediately I saw her, I was drawn to her, she was my taste, very calm and cool headed and chic. So I spoke to a friend of hers to help me out. It was this friend  that helped in talking to her and convincing her that I was serious about her.

It took me four months to eventually win my baby’s heart.  I would always call and call and call her on phone. At first, she would ignore my calls and even mock me for wasting so much on credits to call her but she soon fell in love and got used to my early morning calls and night calls. I call her between 8:30 and 9pm. It got to a point that if I didn’t call her, she would flash me so that i can give her a call.

We officially started dating in April 2009!

She is my first and only girlfriend and now wife and I am also her first and her only boyfriend. 

God bless you abundantly, I pray you grow old with me, I pray you stand by me because without you I am nothing


We had our ups and down all through the seven years, we quarreled many times but we always setled it amicably. We however broke up for two months in 2014. Those two months were the most miserable periods of our lives. We parted ways over the pressure of marriage. 

I loved her but I wasn’t financially ready to marry her because I didn’t have a stable income then, no job, no nothing and people were expecting us to be married already after having dated for five years as at then. Many of  her friends and the society itself,  felt I wasn’t serious with her and that I was wasting her time, they were planting fear in her heart…”How can you be dating a Man for over five years and he hasn’t asked you to marry him?” and so I decided to let her go but it hurt. 

God so good, after two months, we came back together. My baby shut her ears to the world and their insinuations and decided to stick with me through thick and thin, she was ready to wait for me, she accepted to be patient with me. She wasn’t going to let anyone pressure her into marriage until we were both ready to do a proper wedding.


We both knew from the onset that we were going to get married, she was my only partner and I wasn’t seeing anyone else, neither was she so there was no need to propose, we already foresaw a futrue together, there was no doubts, so why ask a question that you already know an answer to! In short, people already knew us as hubby and wifey, they will adress her Iyawo mi, so I skiped that proposal stage and we started planning the wedding immediately we were ready. 

So this year, we had our Walima and Nikhai ceremony. Walima is the marriage banquet, it is the second of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding. The walima is performed after the nikah.


No sex:
I can boldly tell the world with pride that our relationship was a No sex thingy, we were both virgins. We made our commitment from the beginning. I made her understand that i wasn’t in a relationship with her for sex but because I wanted to be with her. I respect her and I respect God.

We agreed we were going to wait and then we strived towards it. Unless you both agree on this, trouble lies ahead especially during the time of weakness of one, the other has to be strong then to encourage the other.

I love you, I love you, I love you because your simple, your classy, your warm and you love hard.

 We were both determined to stay away from pre-marital sex because it is a sacrilege. My understanding of Sex is a gift that shouldn’t be opened until the wedding night and we ran the race and opened it at the right time, we didn’t do any MagoMago or Wayowayo. There wasn’t any “making out” and all those heavy intimate sessions that might lead us astray.

It wasn’t easy but God helped us because we were also determined. All through our relationship, she never came to spend the night in my house, we always avoided being together for so long. We were patient.

We make each other happy!

Wedding Night: 

Our wedding night was oh lala. It was more than fantastic, ah. Kemi, I cannot describe it. Although the first time wasn’t really that great because it was our first time but after then, it has been undescribable. Let me compare it with the slogan of tantalizers, a first bite, a promise kept forever.

Simple Wedding:

Who says you have to have millions in your account before you have a wedding of your dreams?! You can have the fairy tale wedding you desire by cutting your coat according to your size. We have peace, we have joy, we are contented, we did not overstep our boundary or go out of our way for a flamboyant wedding. It’s all about love and understanding, that is what matters.

Some photos:































How sweet!
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  1. May Allah put barakah in the union. I m so inspired by all; the simplicity yet classy.
    Kindly tag ur wedding vendors.

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