”Are they not all the same?” We’ve answered the 9 weave questions men need to stop asking

I think I speak on behalf of all women, when I say we are sick and tired of hearing the same tired old questions about our weaves from men. So we’ve decided to answer every single question men might have weaves.

  • What’s the difference between good and bad weave again?

You’ll know it when you see it trust me, if you don’t then you need to get your eyes checked, so you won’t buy rubbish for bae.

  • Why is it so expensive?

Because good shit is expensive duhh!

  • Why would you spend so much on weaves?

Why do you spend so much on games and consoles?

  • So you can really use it for years?

Yes, for the last time you can.

  • Are you not hot?

Yass boy, smoking hot.

  • Are they not all the same?

Do we really have to go through this again? NO!!

  • Why can’t you just leave out your own natural hair?

Why do you wear sweatpants?

  • Is it true that it’s horse hair?

Why on earth will I pay good money for horse hair?

  • Is it true that it’s really someone else’s hair?

To be honest some of it is Beyonce’s

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