We have answered every question you might have about your vagina

Talking about the vagina is something most ladies are very uncomfortable with, even with our doctors. We have come up with so many creative ways of referring to that part of our body, using phrases like ‘down there’ or ‘lady parts’. So even when we have questions about curious things that might have been going on with our ‘lady parts’, or assumptions we’ve made about it, we don’t bring them up unless it appears detrimental to our health.

We have attempted to answer the most popular questions that pop in our heads about our vaginas, but are too embarrassed to ask any one else.

Is my discharge normal? 

The odds are that it is. For most women, the vaginal discharge is either clear or whitish. If the colour of your discharge suddenly changes and you notice a itch or a weird smell, then you might have an infection so see a doctor.

Pineapples make me taste sweeter right? 

We have some bad news here; they actually don’t do that, neither do watermelons nor any other foods meant to serve that purpose. However an all round healthy diet, like cutting down on processed sugars and carbs has been proven to improve the way you taste, if your partner has complained. But we can’t use the word sweet.

I am light skinned why is it so dark?

The shade of that whole area isn’t determined by the complexion of the rest of your body. A lot of light skinned women have considerably darker labias and vulvas, it is pretty normal.

Does it really clean itself? 

Yup, just like a cat, your vagina cleans itself, so stop douching and using heavily perfumed soaps down there.

Can my tampon get lost in there? 

It is a dead end down there, quite medically impossible for any foreign object to travel up through it, into your body.

It’s been itchy all day, should I be worried? 

Not necessarily, there are a dozen things that could cause this, your pubic air might be growing back, your underwear might be too tight, it could even be a heat rash. If the itching is unusually persistent let’s say for several days, then see a doctor.

If you have any other questions just drop them in the comment section, luckily for you, you can do that anonymously.


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