We’ve found the solution(s) to all your jean problems

Buying jeans for us ladies is so much wahala. It’s either the hips fit perfectly and the waist does not, or the hips and waist fit perfectly but they are a little baggy around the thighs. As doubtful as it might seem, it is actually possible to find a perfect pair of jeans.

If you are tired of buying ill fitting jeans, try following these tips.

  1. Always try on your jeans in the changing room before paying for them. Your regular size 8 might be a particular brand’s size 10. No rule stops you from carrying more than one size to the changing room.
  2. If you had to buy only one pair of jeans for the rest of your life, buy dark wash jeans. Jeans in a dark wash look more flattering than those in a lighter wash. So when in doubt, get dark jeans, you can never go wrong with them.
  3. For guys, buy one size down for your length and one size up for your waist to get perfect slim fit jeans.
  4. Learn your specific statistics -hips, waist, length- and refer to the particular brand’s sizing charts to know what jeans will fit you perfectly. You can find the sizing charts of most brands online.
  5. Take your time when shopping, don’t be in a hurry to buy what you need and get out. If you hate shopping, you should probably go with a friend who loves to and won’t let you leave. We all have that one friend.
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