Ring for sex bell, peace and quiet…5 other items to gift your man this Valentine’s Day?

It’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday, and Edwin has given you guys some tips on what to get for your female partners that doesn’t involve the played out romantic dates. In case you missed the post, check it out here. But even with our onslaught of Valentine’s posts these past couple of days, we still haven’t done a post for what ladies could get their men. If you haven’t still gotten something for Valentine’s (cutting it close aren’t you?) here are seven ideas for you.

  1. Ring for sex bell.
    Cheesy, we know but it’s cute and sexy and he’ll definitely love it. You on the other hand will get tired of it in a week. So get rid of it at the end of February, everyday can’t be Valentine’s Day abeg.
  2. Balls itcher.
    He might find it hilarious, and the both of you will make jokes about it for days but best believe he’s going to use it. In the spirit of Valentine and just so you won’t look like a cheapskate, you can get him this rather dignified looking one.
  3. Let him watch the Arsenal v Leicester match.
    It will only take two hours tops from your whole day, and you know even if he says he doesn’t mind missing the match (because he’s a wise man,) he really wants to watch it. So let him watch the match either alone on the couch or with his guys. There’s no point watching it with him, he doesn’t want to hear you mess up the players names and feign interest in the match.
  4. This ridiculously expensive pen.
    So this pen is about fifty five thousand naira, we have no idea why it’s this pricey and we are pretty sure it has no super powers. But apparently it is a Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique Ballpoint Pen 164 Black with Gold Trim and this is supposed to mean something in the pen world (like the Messi of pens) so he can stick it in the breast pocket of his suit or trad and look rich.
  5. White trad.
    Ok so this one is more for you than him, because seeing him in a well tailored white trad does something to your insides. It doesn’t even have to be white, you could get navy blue or even peach (because you know your baby can pull it off.) Whatever colour you get, a man can never have enough trads.
  6. Beard grooming kit.
    You know that after you, his beard is his baby. Whether he is part of the connecting beard gang or the two strands of chin hair beard gang, at least he’ll know you love him and his beard.
  7. Perfume.
    If all else fails, just get him perfume. It’s a lazy option but at least he’s getting something.


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