4 reasons to treat yourself (by yourself) this Valentine’s Day

Yes, this is yet another Valentine’s Day post, and we are sorry (not really) to say, they are probably going to keep rolling in till the end of next week. If you are single and reading this, you can stop rolling your eyes now, this one is for you. What are you getting yourself? For most couples it’s standard to gift each other things. But for the single people, we stay in feeling blue, or gather our other single friends and go out determined to look like we are having way too much fun to get into a relationship. And even if you can’t relate with the people I just described because, single and not ready to mingle, you should remember to love yourself first on this day of love. And what better way could you do this, than to get yourself something nice.

Here are all the reasons you should get something for yourself.

  • You are your own first love. So the girl you sent love notes to in Primary 1 is actually the second and unlike her, you’ll never tear up your own love note.


  • Practical, sensible you knows you can’t spoil yourself everyday but there is a short list of exceptions to that rule (for me it’s just birthdays). Well life is short, and adding an extra day to that list won’t kill you. Don’t argue that you can do this anyday you want. The “day of love” is the perfect time for it.

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  • Nobody else is going to do it, except maybe your folks and they’ll probably send you something like credit. Well except you are a baby girl/boy and you already have dates booked back to back every hour that day.
  • Nobody knows you like you. You know exactly what’s at the top of your wishlist, and you should get it for yourself. If you think about it a bit, the money you’ll have spent getting something for a partner who would have probably not gotten what you wanted right won’t waste.

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So if you haven’t already, get yourself something for Valentine’s Day.


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