What does being big boned really mean?

Sometimes you hear people who are overweight go, “I’m not overweight, I’m big boned”, as an excuse for their unhealthy weight levels. A lot of people with weight issues hide under the cover of those words, instead of facing their problems head on.

The first question we need to ask is whether being big boned is even a thing. Although some people have relatively bigger bones than others, being big boned isn’t a medical condition. In other words, you might have bigger bones than the average human being, but that’s not the reason you are overweight. Having larger bones maybe responsible for the extra couple of pounds showing on your scale, but definitely not for the extra ten or twenty.

The average number of people who do have a larger frame comprise a very small percentage of the general population. If you however want tot know if you have a larger than normal frame, compare the circumference of your wrist to this height, using this chart. 2014-10-29-ScreenShot20141029at11.58.59AM.png

However this information has nothing to do with your weight and health, if you really want to know if your weight is at a healthy level you should calculate your BMI (body mass index).

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