Are you putting on too much makeup?

“You use too much makeup” is a phrase non-makeup lovers love to throw around, even when your beauty routine might consist of just foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. However there are times where you do like you are wearing too much makeup, when your foundation is cakey and your lipstick keeps staining your teeth.

When this happens you are either actually wearing too much makeup or most likely making these mistakes.

  1. Using way too much pressure to draw on your eyebrows usually ends up like the picture below. Instead fill in your brows with feather light strokes, your eyebrow pencil isn’t a crayon.
  2. Not blending your makeup properly leaves very obvious contour lines on it, giving your face a heavy overly made up look.
  3. Clumpy looking eyelashes means you need to change your mascara asap, it’s either not a very good mascara, or is drying out. It could also mean you are not properly applying it.
  4. Buying your exact shade of foundation and powder is very important, when your face and neck are two different colours it becomes very obvious that you have makeup on.
  5. Doing your makeup in natural light helps you know if you’ve blended everything that should be blended, and that your makeup matches your skin tone.
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