4 items you must never wear to your next job interview

First impressions play a huge part in your getting a job. Consequently, we all know the staples we are required to own when hunting for white collar jobs. A proper blazer or a suit and tie if you are a guy, sensible shoes and so on. But when shopping for these staples, and styling them with pieces we already own, there are a couple of style mistakes you make that sometimes will cost you the interview.

  1. Buying ill fitting clothes. For some ladies, it can be tempting to buy clothes a little too large for you, in order to achieve a “sober”‘ look. The same applies to buying under sized clothes; you end up looking tacky. The key is to look smart and do that you need to buy properly fitting clothes.
  2. Stick to sober not dreary colours. It’s a job interview not a funeral. Even though a bright floral sundress might be distracting, a pastel blue blazer is not too loud for a job interview.
  3. Tone down your cologne or perfume. When walking into a room, your interviewer(s) should see you before they smell you. Wearing overpowering perfume is a huge turn off for many people, especially for someone you are trying so hard to give a good impression.
  4. Don’t wear chiffon. Even if you throw on a blazer or wear something underneath that makes it look less see through, it is still too casual for an interview.
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