What would you get rid off in your partner’s closet?

We all have that one thing (several if we are being very honest) in our partners’ closets that we hate just as deeply as we love our partners, but for one reason or the other they seem to love it with all of their hearts. And even though you can’t bring yourself to tell him or her, just how much you hate it, you know that one day (and one day soon) it’s going to mysteriously disappear from their closets.

If your partner’s taste in style is as perfect as RMD’s or Agbani Darego’s, and you have no idea what I am talking about then you can stop reading this post at this point. Or you can continue and sympathize with those of us whose partners are among the style handicapped.


This you once they put on a stupid outfit
This is you once they put on a stupid outfit.

Anyway if you can relate with this, we’ll love to know the exact thing(s) in your partners’ closets that drives you completely crazy, the things you’ll get rid off in a heartbeat, once you have the chance.

Please don’t hold back on your answers, even the extremely embarrassing or just downright weird ones, we’ll love to hear them all.

I started this survey with my folks, my mum wants to get rid of my dad’s favourite jacket which is in a pretty weird brown shade so I don’t blame her. But on the other hand, my Dad also wishes she’d get rid of one pantsuit she swears.

So maybe ask your partners what they would love to get rid off in your own closet too, I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll get.

Let us know how it goes and we’ll put up your answers at this time next week.

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