Poll: What would you wear if you were president for a day?

Considering the current state of things in the country, we probably already know what you might do -or attempt to do,-, if you were given the chance to be president and run the country for a day, but what about the important matter of what you would wear?

The current and past presidents have been known to usually step out in the traditional attire which represents whatever part of Nigeria they come from. If I were president for a day however, I doubt I’ll wear anything as predictable as that. I would want to wear something that will forever go down as legendary in the history books. Like maybe my pajamas -I promise I’m not high.


That’s just me though, what would you guys wear? Three piece suit? Wedding day standard Iro and Buba? Classy Michelle Obama style dress? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll put all your contributions together and run it as a piece next week.

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