What’s your biggest style pet peeve?

We all have little style pet peeves that drive us crazy, and these are the biggest for these 6 women.


It drives me crazy when I am wearing black jeans or pants and a black top and the blacks don’t match. I don’t think there is any fashion rule against it, but I literally won’t wear it anywhere.


Wedges, denim jackets – really hate those, anything pink, anything blue, I could go on and on really do you want me to go on?


When my hair band is too lose when it goes round twice and too tight when it goes round three times, and this always always always happens to me.


I’m 6’3″ and I never find trousers that are my proper length, they are always jumpé. I’ve given up them I just buy skirts and dresses now.


Off-white clothes, off-white anything in fact white should be white there should be no variants or whatever.


I can’t stand round necked t-shirts, they make my boobs look  weird, and oh I hate wedge shoes they are so ugly.

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