‘What’s in your bag?’ – We asked 5 UNILAG students

We went around the University of Lagos campus at the start of the week, asking random ladies and guys to show us the content of their bags. We got a surprising number of volunteers, although we’ll only share the most interesting ones with you. We also got a number of “are these ones ok?” looks, but we would have been disappointed if we hadn’t.

We decided to play a little game with this exercise. Before going through the bags, the only information we asked of the owners were their names and we tried to guess what their quirks and interests might be based on the content of their bags.


Chidera’s bag had three tubes of red lipstick (different brands, same shade), a pair of slippers, socks, a sweater, couple of notes, a watch, compact powder.

We guessed Chidera was an Architectural student (and we didn’t peek in the notes), keeps her circle small and was just discovering makeup. Turns out that she was an Architectural student, and was really new to makeup. On the other hand she said she had a ton of friends she couldn’t keep up with.


In Modupe’s bag, there was something that looked suspiciously like lube but she swore it was not (she didn’t tell us what it was though), several empty packs of gum, a ton of pens, an inhaler, earphones, a power bank.

So we guessed Modupe was young, probably in her early 20s, single and doing a course like English or Law. Modupe in fact turned out to be 18, single and reading Economics.

He had two notes, a mac book, head phones, some pens and a second shirt.

We guessed he was a student (duh we know) and he played football or basketball. Well he turned out to be a student and claimed to be extremely inept at any sort of sport.


She had some lipstick, eyeliner, perfume, a pair of earrings and a notebook.

We guessed she was on her way off campus, and we were right.


Ayoola’s bag was almost completely empty, there was a single master card, some tissue paper and nothing else.

We guessed she was a fugitive on the run, which she denied (before hurrying suspiciously away.)


Tell us what you have in your bag in the comments section and I’m pretty sure we would have you pegged in a second.

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