What’s the big deal about thigh gaps?

So much fuss has been made about thigh gaps. About having it or not having it, or trying to get it or trying to get rid of it. For some reason I can’t explain, having a thigh gap, is apparently a thing one should want.

For those who don’t know, a thigh gap is exactly what the name suggests, it is literally just a space between your thighs and nothing else. And apparently, this space between your thighs is supposed to add some kind of aesthetic value to your body.

Obsessing over ways to get a thigh gap has become a trend, and there are even blogs and vlogs dedicated to giving tips about how to get a thigh gap, and the best workouts to maintain it.

The problem is that not everyone can have a thigh gap, even though having one has been associated with being fit and slim, a lot of people on the slim side do not have one. As a result, some people result to drastic measures, just to get a space between their thighs. We see people starving themselves, and developing eating disorders based solely on the fact that since they do not have a thigh gap, they must not be slim enough.

The craziest part about it, is that it does nothing for you. For those who might argue, that it can be perceived as attractive, I might need someone to explain to me how having a gap between my thighs makes me any more attractive than someone who doesn’t.

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